Thank You For Your Purchase! 

Below are some steps that will help you understand how our ticketing company and our scheduling app speak to each other. 

Step 1: You must first make a profile on Sched.com if you do not already have one. Click on the link in the right hand corner or just below the logo and before the first sessions.

Step 2: Check what ticket you have. If you have an All Inclusive ticket, A VIP ticket, or a day ticket, YOU MUST purchase Add on’s for the courses with an additional cost through showpass to secure your spot.. For example, "($40) after the title of the session. If you are a VVIP you have access to a few of the workshops (see showpass for details)

Step 3: Scroll through the schedule and hover over any session you are interested in to give you more information.

Remember to purchase your Add On’s- registration for add ons can be found on our showpass page: https://www.showpass.com/banff-yoga-festival-2018/. This purchase will secure your spot in the workshop. 

Step 4: Start selecting your workshop and building your weekend schedule.

Step 5: Below are the following types of sessions and how they are identified:

Type 1: Class/Workshop

Type 2: YogaTalks

Type 3: Add On Classes that are offered to everyone with a charge but included for the VVIP ticket holders.

Type 4: Add On Classes - Must be purchased by any ticket type

Type 5: Mountain Meditation

Type 6: Outdoor Course

Step 6: You will see that if you are logged in, your schedule will be saved.

Step 7: Don’t forget to forward the schedule link email off to the friends you purchased tickets for!

Happy Scheduling!

avatar for Kate W. Mak

Kate W. Mak

Mynah School of Yoga
My name is Kate and I am a Calgary based yoga teacher who is a self proclaimed fun enthusiast that is always seeking to learn, teach, travel and eat. I believe in living a life that is full, happy and healthy. Living wildly towards all the great things your heart desires and meeting amazing people all along the way.

Teaching yoga and getting onto the mat myself is one of the most beautiful and satisfying journeys I have been on and continue to walk along. It is my humble hope that I can encourage and inspire while sharing the pieces of me with every class I teach. It is important for me to approach and teach from a place of playfulness while going deeper into the flow and poetry of the practice.

I can't wait to meet you. :)